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paul's configuration files (mostly for me, but you may find something interesting)
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Paul's dotfiles

This repo is mostly for me but you're welcome to make suggestions. mathias's readme is the project to fork. I'm mostly catching up to him, @alrra, @paulmillr, @gf3.

My basic new machine setup is captured in which adds homebrew, z, nave, etc.

private config

Toss it into a file called .extra which you do not commit to this repo and just keep in your ~/

I do something nice with my PATH there:

# PATH like a bawss
# ...

export PATH

Syntax highlighting

…is really important. even for these files.

Install Dotfiles Syntax Highlighting via Sublime Text 2 Package Control

Sensible OS X defaults

When setting up a new Mac, you may want to set some sensible OS X defaults:


overview of files

Automatic config

  • .ackrc - for ack (better than grep)
  • .vimrc, .vim - vim config, obv.

shell environment

  • .aliases
  • .bash_profile
  • .bash_prompt
  • .bashrc
  • .exports
  • .functions
  • .extra - not included, explained above

manual run

  • - random apps i need installed
  • .osx - run on a fresh osx setup
  • & - homebrew initialization

git, brah

  • .git
  • .gitattributes
  • .gitconfig
  • .gitignore

  • .inputrc - config for bash readline


Running sync copies from your dotfiles repo into ~/. I'd prefer to do proper symlink but haven't gotten that far yet.


To update later on, just run the sync again.

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