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paul's shell, git, etc config files. also homebrew, migration setup. good stuff.
VimL Shell
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.config/fish fish. use PATHs from my .extra. flawless now.
.vim update vim config to match present day @gf3 config
bin diff-so-fancy: fix for osx's sed. fixes #45
prefs iterm preferences.
.aliases aliases: add diskspace_report
.bash_profile highlighting inside man pages. :)
.bash_prompt bash_prompt: no changes. whitespace
.bashrc minor: rvm init.
.dircolors dircolors update to latest
.eslintrc eslint: ignore strict
.exports hardening for ubuntu
.functions functions: whitespace
.gemrc gem installs shouldnt waste time on documentation.
.gitattributes no more whitespace fixing automatically.
.gitconfig gitconfig: use template dir for default post-commit hooks
.gitignore gitignore: ignore some fish shell files.
.gitmodules submodule for gitfriendly.
.inputrc readline: ctrl left, ctrl right for moving on the readline by word. s…
.osx osx: activity monitor. default config is better
.sift.conf sift is faster than grep, ack, or ag. liking it.
.vimrc update vim config to match present day @gf3 config
.zshrc zsh config. trying to readline history. failed. back to bash for me. readme: sift instead of ack setup-new-machine & migration: cleanup and clarity readme: sift instead of ack setup: install trash command symlink-setup: fish

Paul's dotfiles

  • I maintain this repo as my dotfiles, but I'm keenly aware people are using it for theirs.
  • You're quite welcome to make suggestions, however I may decline if it's not of personal value to me.
  • If you're starting off consider forking mathias or alrra. paulmillr and gf3 also have great setups


installing & using

  • fork this to your own acct
  • clone that repo
  • read and run parts of
  • read and run
    • git config needs attention, read the notes.
  • use it. yay!


  • commit/push changes you want.
  • you can also hypothetically cherry-pick commits from me and mathias and our fork ecosystem.

my favorite parts.

.aliases and .functions

So many goodies.

The "readline config" (.inputrc)

Basically it makes typing into the prompt amazing.

  • tab like crazy for autocompletion that doesnt suck. tab all the things. srsly.
  • no more that says "Display all 1745 possibilities? (y or n)" YAY
  • type cat <uparrow> to see your previous cats and use them.
  • case insensitivity.
  • tab all the livelong day.

Moving around in folders (z, ..., cdf)

z helps you jump around to whatever folder. It uses actual real magic to determine where you should jump to. Seperately there's some ... aliases to shorten cd ../.. and .., .... etc. Then, if you have a folder open in Finder, cdf will bring you to it.

z dotfiles
z blog
....      # drop back equivalent to cd ../../..
z public
cdf       # cd to whatever's up in Finder

z learns only once its installed so you'll have to cd around for a bit to get it taught. Lastly, I use open . to open Finder from this path. (That's just available normally.)

overview of files

Automatic config

  • .sift.conf - sift (faster than grep, ack, ag)
  • .vimrc, .vim - vim config, obv.
  • .inputrc - behavior of the actual prompt line

shell environment

  • .aliases
  • .bash_profile
  • .bash_prompt
  • .bashrc
  • .exports
  • .functions
  • .extra - not included, explained above

manual run

  • - random apps i need installed
  • - sets up symlinks for all dotfiles and vim config.
  • .osx - run on a fresh osx setup
  • & - homebrew initialization

git, brah

  • .git
  • .gitattributes
  • .gitconfig
  • .gitignore

.extra for your private configuration

There will be items that don't belong to be committed to a git repo, because either 1) it shoudn't be the same across your machines or 2) it shouldn't be in a git repo. Kick it off like this:

touch ~/.extra && $EDITOR $_

I have some EXPORTS, my PATH construction, and a few aliases for ssh'ing into my servers in there.

I don't know how other folks manage their $PATH, but this is how I do mine:

# The top-most paths override here.
# ...

export PATH

Sensible OS X defaults

Mathias's repo is the canonical for this, but you should probably run his or mine after reviewing it.



One-off binaries that aren't via an npm global or homebrew. git open, wifi-password, coloredlogcat, git-overwritten, and subl for Sublime Text.

Syntax highlighting for these files

If you edit this stuff, install Dotfiles Syntax Highlighting via Package Control

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