Xamarin Forms Plugins
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Plugins for Xamarin Forms

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What is this?

This is my main repo for all Xamarin Forms Plugins that I have or will be publishing. These PCL plugins will allow you to add rich cross platform functionality to Xamarin.Forms.

Current Plugins for Xamarin Forms




Repo structure :

Sample App :

  • A solution demonstrating all the plugins in a single app
  • Uses nuget to reference the plugins (Testing that the nuget packages work)

Plugins :

  • Each plugin has its own Sample App allowing you to test the plugin as you are developing it
  • Plugin projects are referenced directly
  • Each Platform has a project containing the Platform Specific Code
  • All Platform Projects reference the PCL Project (contains the Control implementation)

Each plugin has its own Readme with more details.


The repo structure is courtesy of


Licensed under MIT see License File