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stl: time logger

A cli time logger. Diligently make logs when you switch on/off the working mode and it will dutifully do the arithmetics.


The time from the moment you do:

stl start lumberjacking

until the moment you do:

stl stop

will be added to the time logs. Once your logs start piling up, you can fulfil your working hours curiousity:

stl show --task lumberjacking
stl show --month october
stl show --span 15 oct 5 dec

Check stl show --help for all the options, there are a few of these. The data is stored in plaintext files in ~/.config/stl, safe to move around or version control.


This is a standard Python 3 package without dependencies. You can install it through pip:

pip3 install stltimelogger

or, alternatively, you can clone this repo (safe to delete afterwards) and do:

python3 test
python3 install

To uninstall:

pip3 uninstall stltimelogger
rm -r ~/.config/stl

Of course, all of that could be happening within a virtualenv/venv.


stl start makes a log that you start working. You can also add a task name if you want to see stats about that particular task later on.

stl stop makes a log that you have stopped working.

stl show (also stl status) shows you how far you are into your current task when called without additional arguments. The latter might be:

  • stl show --day DAY (also -d) where DAY can be anything like: 15 oct 2016, october 15, 15, 2016-10-15, today, yesterday, this, last.
  • stl show --week WEEK (also -w) where WEEK can be either this or last.
  • stl show --month MONTH (also -m) where MONTH can be anything like: oct, oct 2016, 2016 oct, october, 10, this, last.
  • stl show --year YEAR (also -y) where YEAR can be anything like: 2016, 16, this, last.
  • stl show --span SPAN (also -s) where SPAN can be anything like: 15 25 oct, 15 oct 2016 25 oct 2016, 15 25, 15. If you specify only one date, the second will be set to today; e.g. stl show -s 1 oct is the same as stl show -m oct. The interval is inclusive at both ends.
  • stl show --task TASK (also -t) where TASK is the name of a task you have prudently specified when you had been working on it.

stl add START STOP [TASK] allows you to cheat and add log entries for arbitrary time intervals in the past and future.

stl edit WHAT opens the right file in your $EDITOR. WHAT can be anything which is a valid stl show -m argument. As you might guess, logs are stored in month files.

similar projects

  • timeflow: also in Python but somewhat different approach.
  • taskwarrior: a great todo cli manager which includes time logging functionality as well.


MIT. Do as you please and praise the snake gods.