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Pax is a user interface engine for native apps & websites.

Write application logic in Rust while declaring content & behavior in Pax's JSX-inspired user interface description language.

Pax compiles into native desktop/mobile apps and WebAssembly-driven web apps. It's very fast and very lightweight.

What's in this repo?

  • The Pax compiler and an implementation of the Pax user interface description language
  • Native renderers + runtimes for iOS, macOS, and browsers/WebAssembly
  • Language bindings for supported programming languages, currently only Rust
  • Pax's CLI for compiling and managing projects
  • Example projects


Currently Alpha and unstable, under active full-time development. Today, Pax compiles and runs for iOS, macOS, and Web. The Web target is our leading edge of development. Pax’s standard library includes components for drawing, layouts, and form controls.

Take Pax for a spin!

Join our Discord to chat with our team.

We do not yet recommend building any production workloads with Pax. Targeting Beta in Q3 2024.


See a simple example in the introduction page of our docs.

You can also run the examples in this monorepo:

  1. Install Rust toolchain
  2. Clone this repo: git clone && cd pax
  3. Run an example: cargo run --example fireworks. See the available examples here.


Read the docs at


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