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Sample for Paytabs android library
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Paytabs android library sample


For more information please see the website.


Download the latest AAR:

Read the documentation to know how to integrate your application with the library documentation

implementation project(':paytabs_sdk-v3.0.3')

Library requires at minimum Java 7 or Android 4.0.

You have to include the following dependencies:

implementation ''
implementation ''
implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:retrofit:2.4.0'
implementation ''
implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:converter-gson:2.4.0'

Pay now

Intent in = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), PayTabActivity.class);
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.MERCHANT_EMAIL, ""); //this a demo account for testing the sdk
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.SECRET_KEY,"secret key");//Add your Secret Key Here
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.TRANSACTION_TITLE, "Test Paytabs android library");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.AMOUNT, 5.0);

in.putExtra(PaymentParams.CURRENCY_CODE, "BHD");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.CUSTOMER_PHONE_NUMBER, "009733");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.CUSTOMER_EMAIL, "");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.ORDER_ID, "123456");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.PRODUCT_NAME, "Product 1, Product 2");

//Billing Address
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.ADDRESS_BILLING, "Flat 1,Building 123, Road 2345");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.CITY_BILLING, "Manama");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.STATE_BILLING, "Manama");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.COUNTRY_BILLING, "BHR");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.POSTAL_CODE_BILLING, "00973"); //Put Country Phone code if Postal code not available '00973'

//Shipping Address
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.ADDRESS_SHIPPING, "Flat 1,Building 123, Road 2345");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.CITY_SHIPPING, "Manama");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.STATE_SHIPPING, "Manama");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.COUNTRY_SHIPPING, "BHR");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.POSTAL_CODE_SHIPPING, "00973"); //Put Country Phone code if Postal code not available '00973'

//Payment Page Style
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.PAY_BUTTON_COLOR, "#2474bc");
in.putExtra(PaymentParams.THEME, PaymentParams.THEME_LIGHT);

in.putExtra(PaymentParams.IS_TOKENIZATION, true);
startActivityForResult(in, PaymentParams.PAYMENT_REQUEST_CODE);


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