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Micro version of esplay hardware, ESP32 based gaming console
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EsPlay Micro Hardware

This board is micro version (smaller device but same as powerfull as big brother EsPlay Hardware), an ESP 32 Based portable gaming console.




  • ESP32 WROVER, Dual core processor with Integrated 4MB Flash + 4MB PSRAM
  • Integrated WIFI and Bluetooth 4 BLE
  • 2,4" ILI9341 TFT Panel
  • More button (expanded via PCF8574 I2C GPIO)
  • Micro SD slot connected to SDMMC Host in 1 Line Mode for save GPIO pin
  • Integrated I2S DAC via UDA1334A
  • Integrated USB to Serial for programming and debugging using CH340C/G
  • Built-in TP4056 LTC4054 Li-Po charger
  • Touchscreen, yes resitive touchscreen of ili9341 now connected to ESP32 GPIO
  • I2C port for expandable function
  • 3,5mm Headphone jack
  • Smaller Size, PCB only 100 x 50 mm.


Firmware available visit my repository here for firmware and emulators.


27 Aug 2019

  • Remove touchscreen control due to other function that more important
  • Audio amplifier shutdown
  • Audio amplifier chip change to PAM8304
  • Change li-po charger with LTC4054
  • Add Charger management sensing (USB plug and Chrge state)
  • Add ESD Protection on SDCard
  • Add status LED (charging) controlled via ESP32 GPIO

06 May 2019

  • Add amplifier circuits for internal speaker.
  • Add ground for EXP pin ESP32 Wrover module.
  • Connect micro usb shield to ground.
  • Remove some unnecessary vias.
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