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The OrderPortal system is for users (researchers) to place orders of work to be done by a facility (lab).

A demo site is available at

  • The facility sets up forms, which are templates for orders.
  • The user creates an account in the system. The user's email address is the username for the account.
  • The user creates an order from a template, and fills in the fields in it.
  • The user may fill in the order only partially and save it for later. This is a feature lacking in most other input form software systems.
  • The user submits the order when it is complete.
  • The facility's personnel gets an email alerting to the newly submitted order.
  • The facility personnel processes the order by moving it to other statuses, such as in review, waiting, rejected, processing, etc.
  • The statuses that an order may have is configurable when the system is set up.
  • The facility designs the forms. Typically, there may be 1-10 forms enabled (= published) at any time, and available for the user to make orders out of.
  • Forms that have been enabled cannot be edited (except for field help texts).
  • If a forms needs updating, the facility admin creates a copy of an appropriate old form (cloning), or creates one from scratch.
  • The pending (= not yet published) form can be edited and made very simple or complex, using hierarchical conditional fields, depending on what is needed.
  • A form can be tested before it is enabled.
  • Once enabled, users can create orders from the form.
  • Old forms can be disabled, which makes it impossible for users to create new orders from them.
  • An order depending on a disabled form will be intact, and can be worked on as usual.
  • A user can view only his own orders.
  • Facility staff can view all orders.
  • There are pages with lists of orders for the facility to view. These are configurable to some degree.