Generate CSV files with fake data, using Faker.


Generate a CSV file with 100 names

csvfaker --rows 100 name > names.csv

Generate 100 rows of first names, last names and job titles

csvfaker -r 100 first_name last_name job

Generate 100 rows of first names and last names in Spanish

csvfaker -r100 --locale=es first_name last_name

Generate 100 cities of Spain

csvfaker -r100 --locale=es_ES city

Generate 100 Russian names

csvfaker -r100 -l ru name

Generate 100 rows of latitudes and longitudes. Do not output headers row

csvfaker -r 100 --no-headers latitude longitude

Generate 100 rows of names and addresses. Replace generated newline characters with a comma and space

csvfaker -r 100 name address --replace-newline=', '

Show a list of all available fakes

csvfaker --list-fakes


pip install csvfaker


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