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Ovide [alpha]

an experimental writing and publishing application for materials-based composition

Price License: AGPL v3.0 Tweet

Ovide screenshot

Ovide is an editor built with the Peritext ecosystem.

It is provided both as a web and desktop application.

Installation for use

You can test Ovide online or go the releases page in order to download Ovide desktop version for your Operating System.

Installation for development

As a prerequisite you will need git and nodejs softwares installed.


  1. Get a google api key in google dev console -> then enable youtube api (for automatic metadata retrieval for video resources)
  2. Get a maptiler key (for glossary geolocalization server) -
  3. Open a terminal/bash and type the following lines :
git clone
cd ovide
npm install
cp app/config/sample.json app/config/default.json
  1. Fill app/config/default.json with your credentials.

Main dev scripts

# run in electron/dev mode with hot reloading
npm run dev:electron

# run in web/dev mode with hot reloading
npm run dev:web

# pack electron application for all platforms
npm run pack

# build web version for production
npm run build:web

# diagnose and fix js code style and inconsistencies
npm run lint:fix

[advanced users] Modifying ovide configuration

Ovide is designed to allow an easy forking and customization in order to change the types of resources, contextualizers and edition templates available in the app.

Everything about this happens in app/src/peritextConfig.render.js : just modify the JS object exposed by this module to require specific schemas or components that you would want to use instead of the default config.

Note: more doc may be written about ovide customization at some point in the future if the tool proves useful for an extended community.

Contributing to ovide

The source code of Ovide is published under free license AGPL-3.0.

This software is currently in alpha stage (which means: lots of bugs and performance issues), and contributions/PR to improve it are more than welcome.

Besides, please do not hesitate to submit new issues to the project's repository in order to signal bugs or missing features.


Ovide is a technology that was developped as a generic spinoff of several projects, notably funded by MESR/Université Rennes 2 and médialab Sciences Po.

See the peritext project website for more information about Ovide history.

Besides, it relies on numerous npm packages and libraries for which here are some acknowledgements :