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Write WebAssembly smart contracts for Wavelet in AssemblyScript.
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Write decentralized applications for Wavelet in AssemblyScript.


Assuming yarn is installed, create a new smart contract project by executing the following:

yarn add -D AssemblyScript/assemblyscript
yarn asinit .
yarn add smart-contract-as


Inside assembly/index.ts:

import {Parameters, Tag, Transfer, send_transaction, log} from "../node_modules/smart-contract-as/assembly";

// Simple hello world example.
export function _contract_init(): void {
    const params = Parameters.load();
    log("hello world");

// Echoes back a message the sender provides.
export function _contract_test(): void {
    const params = Parameters.load();
    log("echoing back: " + params.string());

// Sends back half the PERLs it receives back to the sender.
export function _contract_on_money_received(): void {
    const params = Parameters.load();

    const tx = new Transfer(params.sender_id, params.amount / 2);
    send_transaction(Tag.TRANSFER, tx.marshal());

For more examples, check out the examples/ directory.

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