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Metal: Learning a Meta-Solver for Syntax-Guided Program Synthesis
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Environment Setup

  • python-3.7
  • PyTorch 1.0
  • python library: python-sat, numpy, tqdm, pyparsing
  • gcc/g++ 5.4.0 (or higher)
  • make, cmake

You may follow the following instructions to set up the environment:

# create a python3 virtual environment
conda create -n  metal_env python=3 numpy tqdm pyparsing
conda activate metal_env
# install pytorch
conda install pytorch-cpu torchvision-cpu -c pytorch
# install sat solver
pip install python-sat
# install the dev version of metal
pip install -e .
# switch to the main entry
cd metal/main


Out-of-the-box setting

No (pre-)training is required, and each instance will be solved from scratch (i.e. starting with randomly initialized weights).


Meta-learning setting

First, train the model on 60% tasks, and then test on remaining 40% tasks. Note that each task has its own grammar and specification.

# train a meta-learner (trained model will be saved under the directory 'benchmarks')
# test the trained meta-learner


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