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ack erroneously goes into filter mode #158

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ack --help says:

ack may also search STDIN, but only if no FILE are specified, or if
one of FILES is "-".

When specifying an argument on the command line (and actually running ack as a subprocess on Windows), it says:

Ignoring 1 argument on the command-line while acting as a filter.

How about checking the condition the help was talking about:

if ( App::Ack::input_from_pipe() && scalar(@ARGV) == 0 ) {

\edit: sort of a duplicate of #106


Workaround: #106 (comment)


I have to agree with tstruby on the title and validity of this issue.

On my (linux bash) shell, I get the same "Ignoring..." warning, which is counter-intuitive (and not grep-compatible), in the following:

grep foo bar.txt | while read foo; do ack $foo snafu.txt;done

This is broken - to fix, I use the workaround:

grep foo bar.txt | while read foo; do ack $foo snafu.txt < /dev/null ;done



Migrated to ack2 queue.

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