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Machine Learning 6.867 Homework

Q-Learning Project

Project video:

Drone Autonomously Avoiding Obstacles at 30 MPH


Recommended setup

Add to ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bash_rc:

alias ddConsoleApp=$HOME/path-to/build/bin/ddConsoleApp

Recommended example usage


How to run with iPython notebook

Find full path to ipython

which ipython

Run ddConsoleApp with full path to ipython, with notebook as argument

(for example:)

ddConsoleApp /usr/local/bin/ipython notebook

Run the cells to set properties of a simulation, and then

Currently need to restart the kernel after each time starting a new simulation.

How to run simple demo

cd project/code/

Alternatively, can press play in runcar.ipynb

Once visualizer opens:

  • F8 to open the console
  • timer.start()