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Robotics Toolbox for Python

This is an old first attempt at creating an open Python version of the venerable Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB.
The MATLAB toolbox has support for:

  • mobile robots

    • vehicle kinematic models and controllers
    • path planners (distance xform, D*, PRM, lattice, RRT)
    • dead-reckoning, localization, mapping, SLAM
  • robot manipulator arms

    • kinematics forward and inverse
    • Jacobians
    • rigid-body dynamics
  • common datastructures for

    • SO2/SE2 planar rotations and rigid-body motion
    • SO3/SE3 3D and rigid-body motion
    • quaternions
    • twists, Plucker lines

With matplotlib, scipy, numpy and jupyter it should be possible to create a very effective open robotics environment.