ZenPress is a highly semantic, responsive, accessible and search engine optimized WordPress Theme. It provides HTML5 templates refined with microformats, microformats v2 and microdata (Schema.org). ZenPress supports a lot of OpenWeb plugins and is fully IndieWeb compatible.
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ZenPress is a very clean WordPress theme inspired by Medium.com. It is SEO optimized, accessibility ready and highly semantic. The is made with HTML5 (POSH) and flavoured with Microformats(2) and Microdata/Schema.org.

The code is based on the SemPress theme!

POSH - Plain old Semantic HTML

From the micrormats wiki:

The term semantic-html is a mouthful, and belies both how simple it is, how well established it is among modern web designers, and the fact that it has benefits far beyond the obvious doing the right thing for the Web by using semantic markup. We need a simple short mnemonic term that captures the essence of the concept, and is easily verbed (to posh, poshify, poshed up).

ZenPress is fully HTML5 compatible and uses a lot of the new tags, semantics and input-types.

Web Semantics

ZenPress' code is marked-up with microformats and microdata:

Planned formats:

WordPress Features

ZenPress supports: