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Improving emacs tooling for Arcadia
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Orchardia is a library in progress trying to improve editor tooling using clojure-clr, it is being made with the Arcadia environment in mind and we welcome requests to be used at other .NET projects and to improve the code itself.

This repository contains code stolen with some modifications where needed from cider-nrepl, compliment and orchard and Arcadia, a big thank you for all the managers and contributors of these libraries!


  • Not to be feature complete with compliment, cider-nrepl or orchard.
  • To be useful at the Arcadia environment (atm in conjunction with miracle for Emacs).


Autocompletion (using complement and arcadia)

  • Keywords
  • Static members
  • Namespaces
  • Special forms

Eldoc (using cider.nrepl and orchard)

  • Static methods
  • Clojure functions


  • Build and Push this library to NuGet or some other .NET depedency manager (need help here!)
  • Add tests!
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