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Quick links · BukkitDev · Dev Builds · JavaDoc · Maven Repo · License

SpectatorPlus is a plugin for Bukkit. For more information and guides on how to use it, see the BukkitDev page .

~ License ~

This project is licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0 (MPLv2).
A summary of this licence is available here.

~ Obtaining a Build ~

The source code of this repository is automatically built and is always available here. Older, legacy development builds can be obtained here instead. In order to build this project yourself, it is recommended to use Maven. If you don't, you will need to import the various dependencies manually, such as Apache Commons Lang, to be able to build the project.

~ API Usage ~

If you want to integrate SpectatorPlus with your own project, you can either directly import a downloaded .jar into your IDE, or if you use Maven, you can reference my Maven Repository in your pom.xml to have the correct version downloaded automatically during building. The advantage of this is that maven will automatically find new updates and download them from my repository.

<project ...>
            <name>pgmann's repository</name>

You can prefix the dependency version with either an S for Stable (Release) or a B for Beta (Development). Beta builds need to be postfixed with -SNAPSHOT. The Maven Repository stores builds from B3.0-SNAPSHOT and onwards.

Once SpectatorPlus is set up as a dependency of your project, you can start using the API.

// Ensure SpectatorPlus is loaded
Plugin spTest = Bukkit.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("SpectatorPlus");
if(spTest == null || !spTest.isEnabled()) return;

// Get a reference to the public API
SpectateAPI spApi = SpectateAPI.getAPI();

// Start using it!
if(spApi.isSpectator(player)) { // Check if 'player' is spectating
    // ...
spApi.setSpectating(player, true); // Turn on/off spectate mode for 'player'
Toggles.TOOLS_TELEPORTER_ENABLED.set(true); // Edit the values of each item in toggles.yml

For detailed usage information on how to use the API, you can find its JavaDoc here.


This project contains the source of a plugin for Bukkit (v1.0-v2.0), and Spigot (v2.0+).





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