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All of the configuration files for the Phanbook are store in the core/config/config.php file. So feel free to look through the files and get familiar with the options available to you.

Environment Configuration

It is often helpful to have different configuration values based on the environment the application is running in. For example, you may wish to use a debug on your local development machine and it not use on the production server. It is easy to accomplish this using environment based configuration.

You just to change option debug the false to ```true`` like below

  debug'  => false,

Also see at


To authentication via Github you need to created your app on github. Every registered OAuth application is assigned a unique Client ID and Client Secret. The Client Secret should not be shared! That includes checking the string into your repository. See image below

Then go to core/config/config.php files change to it, some like:

 * Your client ID and client secret keys come from
 * @link
'github'      => array(
    'clientId'     => '7c3724d3a593eff3ebef',
    'clientSecret' => '0dede75fd2351242e51c69b4aa50ce130862ef05',
    'redirectUri'  => '',
    'scopes'       => ['user', 'email']

Remember you need to change the domain to your domain

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