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Phanbook is built on the lightning fast PHP framework called Phalcon. Implemented as a PHP extension, Phalcon offers dramatically better performance and lower overhead than other PHP frameworks. Installing Phalcon is easy but does require that you have root access to your system.

If you already have a development environment that meets all other System Requirements below, you can install Phalcon and then install Phanbook.

System Requirements

There are a few things that you will need to have set up in order to run Phanbook:

  • A web server: Apache (with mod_rewrite) or Nginx.
  • PHP 5.5+ with the following extensions: phalcon, mbstring, pdo_mysql, openssl, json, gd, dom, fileinfo. To see which PHP extensions you have enabled, look at the output of phpinfo().
  • Mysql or MariaDB.
  • SSH (command-line) access.

Install Phanbook

There are three ways to install Phanbook:

  1. Install via Vagrant.
  2. Install via Docker.
  3. Manually install.