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AusDigital DCP

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This information is mostly like outdated...

This page contains some considerations for using phoss SMP with the AusDigital Digital Capability Publisher (DCP) specification. This is very similar to the PEPPOL and OASIS BDXR SMP specification. The mandatory public REST API is identical to the OASIS BDXR SMP API, whereas the writable API is clearly based on the PEPPOL reference implementation.

Alignment AusDigital/OASIS/PEPPOL

Here's how the AusDigital standards are linked with the PEPPOL/OASIS Standards:

  • Central registry
    • AusDigital: Digital Capability Locator (DCL)
    • OASIS: Business Document Metadata Service Location (BDX-Location)
    • PEPPOL: Service Metadata Locator (SML)
    • Notes:
      • The management interface of DCL and SML is different
  • Decentralized registry
    • AusDigital: Digital Capability Publisher (DCP)
    • OASIS: Service Metadata Publisher 1.0 (SMP)
    • PEPPOL: Service Metadata Publisher (SMP)
    • Notes:
      • Readable APIs are compatible between AusDigital and OASIS, writable APIs are undefined in OASIS.
      • OASIS SMP data format differs from PEPPOL SMP data format.
  • Business Identifiers
  • Data Format
    • AusDigital: Council profile for OASIS UBL 2.1
    • PEPPOL: Profile of OASIS UBL 2.1

Specific configuration

To use phoss SMP as a DCP consider the following steps:

  • You need at least version 5.0.0 of phoss SMP running on Java 8
  • Configuration
    • Set the smp.identifiertype property to simple
    • Set the property to bdxr
  • Issues that need clarification
    • Are SML/DCL compatible
    • What about the global truststore
    • Writable API is different

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