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DEPRECATED - Phergie v2, a PHP 5 IRC bot
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Phergie Updated URL shortener Jun 13, 2014
Tests Removed $type @param tag from Phergie_TestCase->getMockEvent() Dec 19, 2012
.gitignore Updated Twitter plugin to be compatable with v1.1 API. NOTE: API libr… Jun 13, 2013
LICENSE Updated copyright years in LICENSE file Aug 14, 2011
PhergiePackageTask.php Bumping copyright year Apr 14, 2012 Added deprecation notice to README May 22, 2015
Settings.php.dist Merge branch 'master' of May 25, 2012
build.xml Modified build.xml to assign a role of data to .db files so that pear… Mar 8, 2012
phergie.php Bumping copyright year Apr 14, 2012

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