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  1. phergie phergie Public archive

    DEPRECATED - Phergie v2, a PHP 5 IRC bot

    PHP 172 64

  2. phergie-irc-bot-react phergie-irc-bot-react Public archive

    IRC bot built on React

    PHP 81 26

  3. phergie-irc-client-react phergie-irc-client-react Public archive

    IRC client library built on React

    PHP 56 26

  4. phergie-irc-parser phergie-irc-parser Public archive

    PHP parser for messages conforming to the IRC protocol

    PHP 17 14

  5. phergie-irc-connection phergie-irc-connection Public archive

    PHP data structure for IRC client connection information

    PHP 9 6

  6. phergie-irc-generator phergie-irc-generator Public archive

    PHP generator for messages conforming to the IRC protocol

    PHP 7 5


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