Netatmo connect API python client (for Netatmo information, see
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Simple API to access Netatmo weather station data from any python script For more detailed information see

I have no relation with the netatmo company, I wrote this because I needed it myself, and published it to save time to anyone who would have same needs.


To install lnetatmo simply run:

python install


pip install lnetatmo

Depending on your permissions you might be required to use sudo. Once installed you can simple add lnetatmo to your python scripts by including:

import lnetatmo

New features (see usage for details)

cameras (Welcome and Presence) :

  • get live jpeg snapshot with homeData.getLiveSnapshot(camera="{name}")
  • get best access url (local if possible else vpn) with homeData.url(camera="{name}") and it works despite the is_local property of the camera being mostly false (the camera IP is catched only on camera start and never updated even if the home IP change)

Presence : switch camera on or off with homeData.presenceStatus("on|off", camera="{name}")