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Qt branch notes

This is a port of fpdb to Qt (specifically, PyQt5). It is a work in progress. Please report bugs or missing features! Note: despite the name of this repository, I have been publishing windows builds with releases for a while now.


I use a mac. To use the GTK version of fpdb, I need to install a bunch of libraries, and install and run an X server. This irks me. There was recently some talk on the fpdb mailing list suggesting a port to Qt would make Windows development easier too.

Another win is that it is now possible to build an OSX app for distribution using pyinstaller.


If you just want to try the prebuilt app, check the wiki.

Otherwise, read on:

Grab the code from this git branch. Install dependencies - I use macports to install things on mac.

I believe these are the required packages:

py27-matplotlib, py27-pyqt5, py27-pyobjc-quartz.

A couple of the HH parsers (Merge and Winamax) require py27-beautifulsoup. I have not installed this package or tested those parsers.

Macports should install everything else you need automagically.

Users on other platforms don't need the pyobjc stuff.

If you want all-in EV calculation, you'll also want pokereval and pypokereval. I had to build pypokereval myself to add python 2.7 support, so if you can't be bothered with that you'll want to substitute the py26 versions of the above.

Next you'll have to run sudo port select --set python python27 and possibly hash -r in case your shell has the system python command cached.

Now you should be able to start fpdb like this: ./

Caveats/Known Bugs

Almost all of the basic functionality has now been ported. Exceptions:

  • Configure -> HUD Stats Settings. This probably merits a rework.
  • Import -> Import through eMail/IMAP. Is this solving a real problem? I'll port this when someone tells me they use it.
  • Cash -> Positional Stats. This seems to replicate functionality available in Ring Player Stats. Again, I'll port this when someone complains.
  • Cash -> Stove. This doesn't do anything useful anyway.
  • Tournament -> Tourney Viewer. Unless I'm missing something, this is not very functional yet anyway.

Please report any problems using the github issue tracker.