Quake for Oculus Rift
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Quake for Oculus Rift

Download Here

Based on Quakespasm. This enables support for the Oculus Rift DK2 in Direct Mode for idsoftware's original Quake. You need the Oculus SDK 0.6 and SDL to compile this.

More info: http://phoboslab.org/log/2016/05/quake-for-oculus-rift

The release version comes with a sensible config.cfg and autoexec.cfg file that enables VR Mode by default, disables view bobbing and sets the texture mode to NEAREST for the proper, pixelated oldschool vibe.

Additional cvars:

  • vr_enabled – 0: disabled, 1: enabled
  • vr_crosshair – 0: disabled, 1: point, 2: laser sight
  • vr_crosshair_size - Sets the diameter of the crosshair dot/laser from 1-32 pixels wide. Default 3.
  • vr_crosshair_depth – Projection depth for the crosshair. Use 0 to automatically project on nearest wall/entity. Default 0.
  • vr_crosshair_alpha – Sets the opacity for the crosshair dot/laser. Default 0.25.
  • vr_aimmode – 1: Head Aiming, 2: Head Aiming + mouse pitch, 3: Mouse aiming, 4: Mouse aiming + mouse pitch, 5: Mouse aims, with YAW decoupled for limited area, 6: Mouse aims, with YAW decoupled for limited area and pitch decoupled completely. Default 1.
  • vr_deadzone – Deadzone in degrees for vr_aimmode 5. Default 30.
  • `vr_perfhud- – Show the Oculus Performance Hud (1-5). Default 0.
  • snd_device – Search string for the audio output device to use. Default: "default". This will get set automatically to the Oculus "Rift Audio" when vr_enabled is 1