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Graph App Framework. Main repository. See also: and and

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  1. pho-lib-graph pho-lib-graph Public

    A general purpose graph library written in PHP 7.1+

    PHP 55 3

  2. pho-microkernel pho-microkernel Public

    Framework, enhanced with Services (such as persistence, indexing etc.) and ACL (access-control-lists)

    PHP 23 3

  3. pho-framework pho-framework Public

    A stateless PHP framework that establishes the object-centered actor/graph model

    PHP 14

  4. pho-lib-graphql-parser pho-lib-graphql-parser Public

    A general purpose GraphQL Schema Parser library in PHP.

    PHP 14 2

  5. pho-cli pho-cli Public

    Command line interface to Phở functionality.

    PHP 12 3

  6. pho-kernel pho-kernel Public

    A simple kernel implementation with variable functionality via presets.

    PHP 4 1


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