Compiles GraphQL schema into Pho executables.
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Pho-Compiler Code Climate

Compiles GraphQL schema into PHP executables for use throughout Pho stack.

Getting Started

Please note, this repository uses submodules, for unit tests. The recommended way to install pho-compiler is through composer.

git clone
git submodule init
git submodule update
composer install



A Pho-compatible GraphQL schema (also called a "PhoGQL" file) is advised to end with the following file extension: .pgql


  • PhoGQL is built on top of GraphQL. For more information on GraphQL specs, please visit
  • A PhoGQL file may include multiple entity definitions. However, it is advised to use (a) a single definition per file or (b) only a single semantically linked group of node and edge definitions per file.


  • PhoGQL files must start with a version declaration. For version 1, the one and only version supported so far, it is # pho-graphql-schema-v1
  • This declaration must be at the very top of the file and must not be preceded by any other word or character.
  • The following regular expression pattern is used to match the version: /^#( )*pho\-graphql\-v1(\r\n|\r|\n| )+/i
  • All future versions and their patterns will be placed in the file Types.php


  • A PhoGQL definition must implement one of ActorNode, GraphNode, ObjectNode or ReadEdge, SubscribeEdge, TransmitEdge, WriteEdge entities. For more information on these entities, check out pho-framework.
  • While GraphQL allows multiple inheritance, the Pho compiler will evaluate only the first interface declared in each definition.


  • Directives are case-insensitive. Similarly arguments are case-insensitive too.


  1. Start by defining the Actor edge
  2. Outgoing edges are important.
  3. Make sure all outgoing edges are done.