[READ-ONLY] Redis PSR-6 Cache pool
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Redis PSR-6 Cache pool

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This is a PSR-6 cache implementation using Redis. It is a part of the PHP Cache organisation. To read about features like tagging and hierarchy support please read the shared documentation at www.php-cache.com.

This implementation is using PhpRedis. If you want an adapter with Predis you should look at our Predis adapter.


composer require cache/redis-adapter


To create an instance of RedisCachePool you need to configure a \Redis, \RedisArray or \RedisCluster client.


$client = new \Redis();
$client->connect('', 6379);
$pool = new RedisCachePool($client);


$client = new \RedisArray(['', '']);
$pool = new RedisCachePool($client);


$client = new \RedisCluster(null, ['', '', '',]);
$pool = new RedisCachePool($client);

See PhpRedis for more connection options


Contributions are very welcome! Send a pull request to the main repository or report any issues you find on the issue tracker.