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Play your music on your devices at home.

MusPnP is a UPnP control point, i.e. a remote control for your UPnP compatible devices.

It is meant to be simple and easy to use.

Although it is primarily meant for audio files, you can also use it to browse/watch videos or images.



This is a list of servers and renderer known to work. Please send a MR to improve it.



Missing features

Those features are not yet available:

  • Gapless playing
  • Keyboard navigation
  • SSDP Events handling

Debug / logs

Logs are outputed if you run the program from the command line. You can redirect them to a file.

  • ex. on windows: muspnp.exe > logs.txt

Build instructions

Install Nodejs and Git before proceeding.

git clone
cd muspnp
npm ci --no-optional
npm run start
npm run make


This software relies on a lot of great open source tools. Please review them within package.json


This software is released under MIT license. See LICENSE file.

Copyright (c) 2021 Samuel CHEMLA