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Twitter: @TheCocoaNaut Twitter: @PodliveApp License Release

Podlive for macOS

Podlive is a client for iOS, macOS and tvOS to listen to live streaming podcasts. We currently support all livestreams broadcasting via Ultraschall with Studio Link On Air.

Our backend is a Parse-Server which is used to collect and control podcast meta data, manage push notifications and all marked favorites for each registered user.

Podlive in the Mac App Store

If you are not familiar with programming and/or Xcode, you can of course download the latest release of Podlive in the Mac App Store.

How to contribute?

The goal to develop this software was a lag of a personal need, at the beginning. It was just a fun and hobby project, and it still is being developed under the same premise.

We really would like to see passionate developers with tons of ideas to improve and push forward this Mac client. And there is just one requirement: I would like to see it Objective-C only.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m a Swift developer too. But my private passion still is on ObjC. So, Podlive for Mac may be born with the idea in mind to keep ObjC a living language, who knows (naive minded, isn’t it?)...
And for all you Swift fans, the code style of this project looks very familiar. 😉

To contribute, just clone this project and start to develop. Please avoid to spam us with tons of issues. It really doesn’t help us. The best way is to fork this project, make your (changes|fixes|additions) and open a pull request. Thanks for understanding.

In order to test your code you have to use our test-backend. This requires access keys, which aren’t included in this repository.

NOTE: To use these keys please send a request to our email address.

Developer Notes

Podlive uses GitFlow. There are two branches, master and develop. The develop branch is our default branch. To make your (changes|fixes|additions) you just have to create your working branch with develop as parent. If you’re done, open a pull request.

For more detailed code guidelines please have look at the Developer Notes document.


This project uses CCNKit (it containes two frameworks, CCNAppKit and CCNFoundation) as a submodule. If you want do develop for Podlive, you have to keep that in mind and eventually update this submodule first.

Work on Podlive

First you have to fork this repository into your own account. Then you follow these steps (replace YOURACCOUNT with your account):

git clone
cd podlive-macos/App
pod install
cd CCNKit
git submodule init
git submodule update



This software is published under the MIT License.