Reporting Problems

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Found a Bug?

A lot of work has gone into this project, aiming to cater for many different versions of Outlook and types of usage. If you discover a bug, please help squash it! :beetle:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest release (alpha if available).
    • Upgrade through OGCS by going to About > Check For Update
  2. Search existing Issues - see if it's already been reported.
    • There may already be a hotfix available.
    • You may be able to add value information to help fix it!
    • Subscribe to the Issue to receive update notifications.
  3. Reckon it's a brand new Issue? Read on to log it!

:no_entry_sign: Do not post issues about Outlook security pop-ups unless you have read and understood why it's happening and have something further to add.

Submitting an Issue

Create a new Issue? Describe the problem, including:

  1. Version of OGCS
  2. What you did to produce the problem
  3. Does it repeatedly happen/is it a reproducible issue
  4. Include your log file (see below)

:warning: Don't upload the settings.xml file unless requested, and make sure you remove the RefreshToken value before uploading (this is your private key to update your Google account).

Locating Your OGcalsync.log File

Note: The OGcalsync.log file will have details of your calendar items and other attributes, depending on the logging level set.

If OGCS can be opened, go to Settings > Application Behaviour > Open Log.
Otherwise open Windows Explorer and in the address bar enter %APPDATA%\Outlook Google Calendar Sync.

:spiral_notepad: If you're running in portable mode, then navigate to wherever you are running OGCS from.

Posting Your OGcalsync.log File

Create a Gist :+1:

These can be public (your files can be seen against your profile) or private (only those with the link can see it).

  • Create a new gist, paste in your OGcalsync.log contents and save it.
    • If it's public, copy the URL to the comment of the Issue it's related to.
    • If it's private, contact me directly with the URL.

Attach File

Attach the file directly to the Issue. This will require you to change the filename extension from .log to .txt.

Upload to Developer's Google Drive

Post to my Google Drive via CloudWok

Use Your Own DropBox/Google Drive

Pick your tool of choice and contact me directly with a link to the file.

Applying a Hotfix

If the issue requires a fix, a hotfix exe will be posted to the Issue page. To test it:

Check You are on the Latest Alpha Release

  • Run the OGCS application and go to the "About" tab
  • Make sure the first three sets of numbers matches that of the hotfix. For example, if hotfix has been release, you need to be running If you are on a previous version, eg, you must upgrade before applying the hotfix.

Find the Location Where the Application Executable is Running From

  • On the "About" tab double-click the "Running From" value to open the path in Windows Explorer
    • The directory will be something like:
      For a GitHub install: C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\OutlookGoogleCalendarSync\app-<release>
      For a CodePlex install: C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\O34TLCEP.AVN\H5RWTN0D.K7V\outl..tion_a30846ba3587a523_0001.0002_913f995a9a064b8b
  • Exit the OGCS application.
  • Copy or rename your existing OutlookGoogleCalendarSync.exe file
  • Download the hotfix zip file and extract it to your application directory
  • Run the application
  • Confirm in the "About" tab the version shows the hotfix number eg.
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