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PICO-8 Reimplementation in Love2D
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Run PICO-8 games and computer programs with free and open-source software.

On github at:

Requires LÖVE 0.10.2

What it is:

  • An implementation of PICO-8's API in LÖVE

What is PICO-8:

What is LÖVE:


  • For a fun challenge!
  • Allow standalone publishing of PICO-8 games on other platforms
  • Should work on mobile devices *
  • Configurable controls
  • Extendable
  • No arbitrary cpu or memory limitations
  • No arbitrary code size limitations
  • Better debugging tools available
  • Free and open-source software

What it isn't:

  • A replacement for PICO-8
  • A perfect replica
  • No dev tools, no image editor, map editor, sfx editor, music editor
  • No modifying or saving carts
  • Not memory compatible with PICO-8

Not Yet Implemented:

  • Memory modification/reading
  • PICO-8 cartridge versions > 8


  • Uses floating point numbers not fixed point
  • sqrt doesn't freeze
  • Uses LuaJIT not lua 5.2

Extra features:

  • ipairs() standard lua function
  • log(...) function prints to console for debugging
  • error(message) bluescreens with an error message
  • warning(message) prints warning and stacktrace to console
  • setfps(fps) changes the consoles framerate
  • _keyup, _keydown, _textinput allow using direct keyboard input
  • _getcursorx(), _getcursory() allow access to the cursor position

Android Packaging:

Replace the default cartridge (nocart.p8) with your game. Text (P8) or PNG (P8.PNG) is supported.
Follow the Android Game Packaging steps.
Optionally, for orientation rotation support (Portrait and Landscape), remove android:screenOrientation="landscape" in the AndroidManifest.xml

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