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Implementation of PICO-8 API for LOVE

On github at: https://github.com/picolove/picolove

Requires Love 0.10.x

What it is:

  • An implementation of PICO-8's api in love

What is PICO-8:

What is Love:


  • For a fun challenge!
  • Allow standalone publishing of PICO-8 games on other platforms
  • should work on mobile devices
  • Configurable controls
  • Extendable
  • No arbitrary cpu or memory limitations
  • No arbitrary code size limitations
  • Betting debugging tools available
  • Open source

What it isn't:

  • A replacement for PICO-8
  • A perfect replica
  • No dev tools, no image editor, map editor, sfx editor, music editor
  • No modifying or saving carts
  • Not memory compatible with PICO-8

Not Yet Implemented:

  • Memory modification/reading


  • Uses floating point numbers not fixed point
  • sqrt doesn't freeze
  • Uses luajit not lua 5.2

Extra features:

  • ipairs(), pairs() standard lua functions
  • log(...) function prints to console for debugging
  • assert(expr,message) if expr is not true then errors with message
  • error(message) bluescreens with an error message
  • warning(message) prints warning and stacktrace to console
  • setfps(fps) changes the consoles framerate
  • _keyup, _keydown, _textinput allow using direct keyboard input
  • _getcursorx(), _getcursory() allow access to the cursor position