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A python script to send pmacct's output to ElasticSearch
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pmacct-to-elasticsearch is a python script designed to read output from pmacct daemons, to process it and to store it into ElasticSearch. It works with both memory and print plugins and, optionally, it can perform manipulations on data (such as to add fields on the basis of other values).


  1. pmacct daemons collect IP accounting data and process them with their plugins;
  2. data are stored into in-memory-tables (memory plugins), JSON or CSV files (print plugins);
  3. crontab jobs (memory plugins) or trigger scripts (print plugins) are invoked to execute pmacct-to-elasticsearch;
  4. pmacct's output records are finally processed by pmacct-to-elasticsearch, which reads them from stdin (memory plugins) or directly from file.

Optionally, some data transformations can be configured, to allow pmacct-to-elasticsearch to add or remove fields to/from the output documents that are sent to ElasticSearch for indexing. These additional fields may be useful to enhance graphs and reports legibility, or to add a further level of aggregation or filtering.


Install the program using pip:

pip install pmacct-to-elasticsearch

Then clone the repository and run the ./install script to setup your system:

cd /usr/local/src/
git clone
cd pmacct-to-elasticsearch/


Please refer to the file. The file contains details about data transformations configuration.

A simple tutorial on pmacct integration with ElasticSearch/Kibana using pmacct-to-elasticsearch can be found at

Future work

  • Add support of more pmacct output formats (Apache Avro, ...).


Pier Carlo Chiodi -

Blog: Twitter: @pierky

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