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UrlParameters Docs: fixed amqps scheme examples #445

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@@ -29,11 +29,11 @@ Connect to a host *rabbit1* as the user *www-data* using the password *rabbit_pw
Connecting via SSL is pretty easy too. To connect via SSL for the previous example, simply change the scheme to *amqps*. If you do not specify a port, Pika will use the default SSL port of 5671::
- amqp://www-data:rabbit_pwd@rabbit1/web_messages
+ amqps://www-data:rabbit_pwd@rabbit1/web_messages
If you're looking to tweak other parameters, such as enabling heartbeats, simply add the key/value pair as a query string value. The following builds upon the SSL connection, enabling heartbeats every 30 seconds::
- amqp://www-data:rabbit_pwd@rabbit1/web_messages?heartbeat_interval=30
+ amqps://www-data:rabbit_pwd@rabbit1/web_messages?heartbeat_interval=30
Options that are available as query string values:
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