Multiple layouts and view directories? #60

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Never mind I see you can specify the layout in locals.

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Is it possibly to have multiple view directories?


This is not a support form. Please ask on stackoverflow.

I reopened this because I first found the question asked on StackOverflow and the solution breaks with hbs. (second one with require)

TypeError: Arguments to path.join must be strings
at path.js:360:15
at Array.filter (native)
at Object.exports.join (path.js:358:36)
at middleware (/Users/Adminstrator/Desktop/node-startup/node_modules/hbs/lib/hbs.js:105:30)
at View.render (/Users/Adminstrator/Desktop/node-startup/node_modules/express/lib/view.js:76:8)
at (/Users/Adminstrator/Desktop/node-startup/node_modules/express/lib/application.js:504:10)
at ServerResponse.res.render (/Users/Adminstrator/Desktop/node-startup/node_modules/express/lib/response.js:798:7)

I think specifying multiple view directories is a win. If you can do that with hbs great I think that there's an issue in the documentation on how to do this. If not it's a feature I think is needed. I'm sorry if this came off as a support issue, please consider reopening this.


Express supports only one view directory, we will not support specifying multiple.

Also I don't know if you remember but we had a beer together in Houston Hall a couple months ago, you recommended taters.


I remember :) (now that you mention it, otherwise wouldn't have recognized the name)

So I did some research on this issue: expressjs/express#533

For a large project I'm working on I'd like to organize my (page) templates in different folders, but spinning up a new app to make this happen is not worth it. For now it's fine that all my page templates are in one folder, but I really would like to break out the test templates. Before I started working with Express and Node I worked with Django and really liked how we had this ability to organize our templates.


you can put them in multiple folders and just res.render('folder/file') it will work just fine.

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