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Pimoroni Pico Libraries and Examples

Welcome to the brave new world of Pico! This repository contains the C/C++ and MicroPython libraries for our range of Raspberry Pi Pico addons.

First of all you need to decide if your project is going to be done in MicroPython or using C/C++ with the Pico SDK. We have instructions for both here:

Software support for our Pico range

It's very early days for Pico and we've been working our little socks off to get everything ready for launch.

Most of our Pico addons have support for both C/C++ and MicroPython but we're still catching up a little bit in places.

The table below shows the current state of compatibly and some notes to set expectations:

Product C/C++ Library MicroPython Library Notes
Pico Explorer Base Yes Yes
Pico RGB Keypad Yes Yes
Pico Unicorn Pack Yes Yes MicroPython support added in v0.0.3 Alpha
Pico Audio Pack Yes No Limited support for MicroPython planned
Pico Scroll Pack Yes Yes
Pico Display Pack Yes Yes

We will keep this information updated as things develop.

Note: It's very early days for Raspberry Pi Pico and it's likely that our libraries will undergo quite a lot of changes over the next couple of weeks as we take in feedback and expand the functionality.