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Zigate plugin for Domoticz
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Zigate Plugin for Domoticz

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For information around the Zigate Plugin, please refer to :


Your first place to get support is via the Forums.

About release channels

In order to provide stability and also provide more recent developement, Zigate plugin has the following channels


This is considered as a solid , reliable version.


We can open the beta channel to provide early version and to stabilize the version priori to be move to the stable channel


This is where developement are under go. This is not a reliable version and could be buggy and even not working depending on the stage of integration we are. This branch is only for users whom known exactly what they are doing.

master ( deprecated )

This channel is not maintained anymore and is not compatible to the most recent version. Moving from this channel to the other will required either ar restart from scratch or to do an upgrade of the Domoticz and Zigate database.

How to switch from one channel to the other

git pull

git checkout stable // will move you to the stable channel

git checkout beta // will move you to the beta channel


Donations are more than welcome and will be used to buy new hard, devices, sensors and in such testing and making them working with the Zigate plugin. Please feel free to use the current link :

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