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Here's a lists of plugins that people have created, along with their sources and demo videos when available:

Current Plugins

SiriProxy for Indigo

Uses the Indigo REST API to let you control your Indigo Home Automation server.

SiriProxy for GoSquared

Uses the GoSquared API to let you see analytics information about your website if you use GoSquared.

SiriProxy LightWaveRF Controller

Use Siri to control LightWaveRF devices via a LightwaveRF Wifi Link and the LightwaveRF Gem.

SiriProxy-Image 9gag (DJXFMA)

Show images on given search for example "show cookie monster" then uses "show more" for more results. And also works with "show nine gag", which will show images from 9gag. Use "show more" for another page.


This program simulates the start up process of SiriProxy and much more!

SiriProxy Minecraft Server Fetcher

Use Siri to fetch simple live stats from your minecraft server!

SiriProxy Arduino

Use Siri to control your Arduino

SiriProxy GitHub Status API

Use Siri to query what the status of GitHub is using it's status API.

SiriProxy Find My iPhone

Use Siri to trigger a Find My iPhone alert on any of your iPhones or iPads

SiriProxy DirecTV controller

Siri can change channels, tell you what's on, record things, pause, rewind, etc.

SiriProxy Where Am I (Swimo)

Say 'Where am I'. Shows map & tells address. Works outside the US

SiriProxy Chuck Norris plugin (robbederks)

Say 'Tell me a Chuck Norris joke!'. It has over 800 jokes in the database (

SiriProxy Google Places plugin (robbederks)

Say 'Nearby ...', or 'Where am I'. Works outside the US

SiriProxy iJokes (SalmanBurhan)

Say "tell me a joke" and it tells you a random joke.

SiriProxy Crasher (Ponyboy47)

Say "crash my proxy" and it crashes your SiriProxy.

KlikAanKlikUit (InterTechno) and JBmedia LightManager plugin (Joep Verhaeg)

Control your JBmedia LightManager light (scenes) to control KlikAanKlikUit (InterTechno) actuators.

SiriProxy HomeWizard plugin (BasPost)

This is a simple plugin for SiriProxy to voice command a HomeWizard system. Turn on/off or dim KlikAanKlikUit switches. Based on and inspired by the LightManger plugin (Joep Verhaeg).

Siri Proxy quotation and facts plugin (muhkuh0815) - in German

let Siri say a random famous quotation or random useless fact - in German.

Siri Proxy Calc (muhkuh0815)

Siri Plugin - basic Calculator in German.

Asiri - Multi-Language Plugin using Google Speech API (Abdulrahman Saleh Alotaiba)

Let Siri speak your language with Asiri. Thanks to Google speech recognition service, Asiri can be configured to speak any language that is supported by Google.

Siri controlled TV (Fulvio Cusumano)

Using an Arduino and Xbee modules to send serial commands that transmit raw remote codes to a TV.

The Arduino on the receiving end has an Xbee Shield with an Xbee module that is used to process the serial packets in order to transmit the associated raw remote code. The transmission of raw remote codes is sent using a 38khz Infrared LED hooked up to a PWM pin on the Arduino board. Original remote codes are decoded using an IR receiver diode and saved to a header file along side the Arduino sketch code.

Automate your HAI smarthome with SiriProxy+HaikuHelper

This plugin allows you to control an HAI home automation system via HaikuHelper.

Siri controlled home automation through HomeSeer

Using the popular home automation software HomeSeer, you can now controll your whole house using Siri. Examples on commands that work are:

  • "Lights on/off" (turns off/on all lights)
  • "Turn on dining room"
  • "Turn off chandalier in the dining room"

You can find installation instructions and source here:

KNX Home Automation Control Plugin (Edson Alves Junior)

Use Siri to control a KNX Home Automation (Requires a KNXnet/IP Tunneling device and the use of the Calimero API (

Google Voice SMS (Ponyboy47)

Send text messages and read text messages from your Google Voice account using Siri.

Cleverbot (Ponyboy47)

Talk to Google's Cleverbot AI using Siri!

Heads or Tails (Ponyboy47)

Just another super simple plugin to make things more convenient

Magic 8 Ball (Ponyboy47)

Use Siri as a Magic 8 Ball

Tattslotto, Siri style! (Fulvio Cusumano)

Ask Siri what the Australian Tattslotto numbers are.

Horoscope, Siri style! (Fulvio Cusumano)

Ask Siri what your horoscope is and she'll tell you.

Oracle of Bacon (Fulvio Cusumano)

Replicates the functionality of

Random PunchFork Recipe Generator (Fulvio Cusumano)

Returns a random recipe from the PunchFork API.

The Original RadioThermostat Thermostat plugin

This is an example plugin that shows some simple plugin concepts. Check it out if you want a template for building your own plugin aside from the included example plugin.

Twitter (netpro2k)

Teaches Siri how to tweet

Sam Lu's Hockey Scores plugin

Gets hockey scores and reads them back to you!

iTunes and Mac Control (Ian McDowell)

Controls iTunes playback as well as opening and closing apps, opening websites, spotlight searches, and much more!

Google Voice Plugin (Ian McDowell)

Simply allows you to send texts using your google voice account!

Wake-On-LAN Plugin (Ian McDowell)

Wake up other computers using this plugin. Configure in the config.csv file.

IMDB Plugin (parm289)

Gives Siri access to the ratings, cast members, and release dates of every movie/TV show on IMDB. Ask her "Should I see ____?" and she'll even give you a personal recommendation based on the movie/show's rating!

That's What She Said (johnbaker)

Responds with "That's what she said!" when appropriate.

Niranda's NiraProxy plugin

A SiriProxy plugin for NiraProxy. NiraProxy is an awesome, external Artificial-Intelligence-Source.

Simon Maddox's Spotify plugin

Control Spotify with Siri.

Brandon Fiquett's Viper SmartStart plugin

Hjaltij's Plex plugin

Bikr's Launcher Plugin

mrmosconi's TiVo Plugin

vic10us's Meaning of Life Plugin

(Windows Only!) iTunes Plugin (Parm289)

joshua stein's Ecobee Thermostat Plugin

Daniele Lando's RemoteExecution Plugin

This simple & fully customizable pluging for SiriProxy permits to launch any App and any other terminal command from Siri.

Squeezebox Plugin (mvilrokx)

Control your squeezebox player with Siri

(Mac only) Mac and iTunes control (loris1634)

Simple Siri plugin permits to do whatever you can on your Mac and also to control iTunes. Just add commands (like osascript commandes) on the .rb file to use them.

Nest Learning Thermostat Plugin (chilitechno)

Control your Nest learning thermostat with Siri - based off the SiriProxy-Thermostat code, modified to accomodate json api calls.

Matsimitsu's calendar Plugin

TheKleini666's Facebook for siri Plugin

It's a facebook plugin for siri with many commands (e.g. send status, my facebook friends, check facebook notifications, and much more).

Ross Waycaster's Facebook Plugin

Shabbir's Facebook status update Plugin

Say "Facebook update" and a message and you will be able to post is as your status.

European Yelp Search Plugin (muhkuh0815) - in German

you need an free yelp-api key, then you can search Yelp and Siri shows the results in the map. ("almost" like the the US-Siri)

Lottery Numbers Plugin (muhkuh0815) - in German

reads the latest Austrian (6aus45) and German (6aus49) Lottery Numbers.

TV Program Plugin (muhkuh0815) - in German

reads the Austrian TV Program for DVB-T Channels (from the texxas rss feed). ask for current and evening program

Wien-Helper Plugin (muhkuh0815) - in German - works only in Vienna/Austria

allows you to search for public restrooms, police stations, drinking fountains, free WiFi Spots and Taxis in Vienna/Austria. more data will be implemented (hospitals, Mistplätze, playgrounds, ...)

todd treece's arduino remote plugin

brainwave9's XBMC Plugin

Controls Your XBMC Media Center

djxfma's XBMC Plugin

A fork of the above brainwave9's XBMC plugin, but has more features to control your XBMC Media Center.

jnpetersen's EyeTV Plugin

Controls your EyeTV program

Hoopty3's Universal Devices ISY-99i Controller Plugin

Controls your ISY-99i controlled Insteon/X10 home automation system

Elvisimprsntr's fork of Hoopty3's Universal Devices ISY-99i Controller Plugin

Added ability to control the Elk, access IP cameras, and push custom images from a web server

mghan's Elk M1 Controller Plugin

Based on fork of elvisimprsntr's ISY-99i Controller Plugin. Modified to directly control the Elk M1 including lighting, alarm, temperature etc.

ay00's MLB scores plugin

Reads out latest/live scores for Major League Baseball (MLB) games, includes search function.

ay00's NFL scores plugin

Reads out latest/live scores for NFL football games, includes search function.

ay00's NBA scores plugin

Reads out latest/live scores for NBA basketball games, as well as the channel it's on (when available), includes search function.

ay00's NHL scores plugin

Reads out latest/live scores for NHL hockey games, includes search function.

Hobbyquaker's Homematic plugin (in German)

Control Homematic devices (switches, dimmers, shutter controls) and run programs on the Homematic CCU.

Elvisimprsntr's PictureJokes plugin

SiriProxy plugin to push custom images to Siri for lots of laughs!

Elvisimprsntr's IPCam plugin

SiriProxy plugin to push IP camera images to Siri

Elvisimprsntr's Thinkflood Redeye plugin

SiriProxy plugin using Thinkflood's Redeye REST interface for IR control.

iRemocon plugin (katsuma)

Controls home electric appliances with iRemocon.

External IP Address (bahamas10)

A SiriProxy plugin that shows your external IP address

Latest Node.JS Version (bahamas10)

A SiriProxy plugin that shows the latest stable version of Node.js

Vera home automation system plugin

Control your Vera home automation system through SiriProxy. Though limited in scope (for now), this plugin will automatically configure itself to your vera system's devices and scenes.

Other Plugin Videos

There's no source available for these plugins, or they are designed with the legacy plugin API. But the videos are sometimes cool to watch:

Ninja0091's Dreambox plugin

ay00's RedditReader plugin

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