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@etpinard etpinard released this May 23, 2018 · 3622 commits to master since this release


  • Add 3D cone traces to visualize vector fields [#2641, #2647]
  • Add ability to interactively change length and rotate line shapes [#2594]
  • Add toImageButtonOptions config object to override to-image mode bar button options [#2607]
  • Add Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) locale [#2622]
  • Add Italian (it) locale [#2632]


  • Improve cartesian scroll and pan (mostly) performance for graphs with
    many marker or/and text nodes [#2623]
  • Improve splom first render and axis-range relayout performance [#2628]
  • Improve multi-axis axis-range relayout performance by updating minimal set of
    axes instead of all axes [#2628]
  • Use "grab" cursor to denote when annotations and shapes are draggable [#2594]
  • Ignore zero and negative link values in sankey traces [#2629]
  • Ignore unused and malformed links sankey traces without logging [#2629]


  • Fix scattergl error bar computations when input value are numeric strings [#2620]
  • Fix scattergl error bar computations for x0/dx and y0/dy coordinates [#2620]
  • Fix violin kde span edge cases [#2650]
  • Make sankey traces accept numeric strings [#2629]
  • Fix axis range edits under axis constraints [#2620]
  • Fix "sloppy click" event emission during cartesian zoom [#2649]
  • Fix layout grid validation which lead to exceptions [#2638]
  • Fix parcoords rendering in old Safari version [#2612]
  • Link to instead of http version in no WebGL message [#2617]
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