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POA Network is now Gnosis Chain

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  1. token-wizard token-wizard Public

    (Discontinued) TokenWizard is an DApp to create and manage crowdsale and token contracts using a simple UI

    JavaScript 381 215

  2. hbbft hbbft Public

    An implementation of the paper "Honey Badger of BFT Protocols" in Rust. This is a modular library of consensus.

    Rust 351 97

  3. solidity-flattener solidity-flattener Public

    Utility to combine Solidity project to a flat file

    JavaScript 320 105

  4. threshold_crypto threshold_crypto Public

    A pairing-based threshold cryptosystem for collaborative decryption and signatures used in HoneybadgerBFT implementation

    Rust 181 70

  5. vdf vdf Public

    An implementation of Verifiable Delay Functions in Rust

    Rust 165 54

  6. posdao-contracts posdao-contracts Public

    Smart contracts for POSDAO (Proof of Stake Decentralized Autonomous Organization consensus), a DPOS consensus implemented in Solidity and running within EVM with swappable BFT consensus

    JavaScript 105 49


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