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The DasBlog Blogging Engine reintroduced with ASP.NET Core.

One of the primary goals of this project is to preserve the essence of the original dasBlog engine while taking advantage of the modern cross platform goodness of .NET Core. If you are a dasBlog classic users the transition to dasBlog Core should be really straightforward.

The folder structure of the site consists of Content, Config and Themes folders.

"Content" folder

The Content folder contains all the files necessary for your blog posts this includes XML files, with the content and attributes of the blog post. The XML name file format are named as follows "2019-08-15.dayentry.xml". It also contains all the images uploaded with the blog post during creation and editing in a binary sub folder.

The Content folder structure is compatible with the original dasBlog Engine and any files can be directly copied in place.

"Config" folder

The original dasBlog Engine had three configuration files and we have emulated the essence, however, they may not be fully compatible.

For convenience during deployment files are named based on the environment, for example, for a "Production" environment dasBlog core looks for "site.Production.config".

Additional information on each these config files can be found here:-

We have also added a configuration file designed to redirect from old dasblog URLs (.aspx), so if you are coming from old dasBlog URLs you automatically get redirected (HTTP 301) to the new URL format.

"Themes" folder

Sub folders in the Themes folder each represents the name and the content of a theme. The default distribution of dasBlog core comes with three themes (dasblog, fulcrum and median). In order to switch themes you will need to modify the Theme element in the Site Configuration file.

Additional information on how to create and configure themes can be found here.

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