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1. Deployment

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Currently the most efficient way to deploy dasblog-core is by following the Overview of deployment in Visual Studio.

Configuration settings are as follows:

  • Configuration: Release
  • netcoreapp3.1
  • Self -Contained
  • win-x64

So far deployment to Azure and to a .NET based hosting service provider have worked fine, via Web Deploy and FTP respectively.

Configuration files + Environments

There are a collection four configuration files necessary for DasBlog Core to work (listed below). DasBlog core uses "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT" environment variable value to find the correct config file at runtime:

  • site.[Environment].config
  • meta.[Environment].config
  • siteSecurity.[Environment].config
  • IISUrlRewrite.[Environment].config

If you have deployed to a "Production" environment the site configuration file DasBlog will look for will be named site.Production.config.

Additional questions?

If you have additional questions or concerns please submit an issue.

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