This repository gather information useful to make soft part compatible with Poppy robots
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Poppy Soft Connector

This repository gather information useful to make soft parts compatible with Poppy robots. It currently includes:


You can find and modify the design on onshape with all the molds for poppy-soft-starfish (Note: If the link does not work, run a search for ''Poppy Soft Robot XL320'')


Video tutorial

The following creatures include soft parts:


Do not hesitate to add your connector by forking and issuing a pull request. [Another useful link]

If you are not familiar with this, you can also simply post on our forum and, with your approval, we will add your work on this repository.


All the technological development work made in the Poppy project is freely available under open source licenses. Only the name usage "Poppy" is restricted and protected as an international trademark, please contact us if you want to use it or have more information.

License Hardware Software
Title Creatives Commons BY-SA GPL v3
Logo Creative Commons BY-SA GPL V3