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Welcome to the Poutnik's Brouter custom profiles wiki

  • This repository serves as the storage for final profiles and auxiliary files. The development is done is the respective profile template repositories as listed in the below table.

  • The profiles are used by Brouter to calculate routes for bicycles, pedestrians and experimentally cars. All profiles for the given way of transportation are derived from the common template. The final profiles are given more or less self-explaining names, with short comments in the profile header comments. The templates are under occasional development, so some experimental features may be found in respective project of the profile templates.

  • The bike profiles are focused on bike trekking/traveling. They evaluate thoroughly road types, surface conditions and difficulties like OSM tag smoothness and MTB_scale. They contain features to bias them toward road-bikes or MTB, but by their nature they remain trekking profiles.

  • The foot profiles are mainly focused on ( mountain ) hiking, taking into OSM way types, surface and difficulty like OSM tag SAC_scale and MTB_scale.

  • You can learn a lot about concepts and terms of my profiles in the Glossary page. There are partially presented also related terms of Brouter itself and hosting applications ( mainly LocusMap ).

  • Choosing-bicycle-profile can advice you in what you need for the bike( choosing car or hiking profile is more straight-forward). Getting profiles guide can advice how to get what you want. Glossary provides explanations of various terms used in context of the profiles, Brouter or Locus.

Transportation Mode Bike Foot Car
Wiki pages for the transportation mode Bicycle-Trekking-profiles Hiking-profiles Car-profiles
Repositories for profile templates Bike template Foot template Car template
Profile Development wikis Project wiki Project wiki Project wiki

  • WARNING For potentially challenging MTB or hiking routes, always check maps, if available also written guides or local/experienced people. A difficult terrain or weather conditions challenging your experience or health conditions can be health/life threatening.

  • In case you want to contribute to the content, you can raise a contribution issue. For editing a wiki page source code, it is very convenient to use Online copy/paste realtime editor(left)+viewer(right).