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Determining optimal bicycle profile

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In a progress, not finished yet.


This page is focused of the bicycle profile template Trekking-Poutnik.brf version 2.6 that is to be released yet, but majority of features is shared with profiles based on the release version 2.5. Is going to replace Choosing bicycle profile

The guide for different ways to determine and get desired profiles

Profile Grouping Link
General purpose profiles for particlar bike types Allpurpose
Profiles for supposed activities Activities
Special purpose bicycle profiles Special
Cooking of own profile by guided template modifications Cooked


Bike Class Comment Link
Road bikes BRouter profile for road bike Fastbike
. The variant of above, penalizing high traffic Fastbike low traffic
Trekking bikes Brouter Trekking profile trekking.brf
. The same, ignoring cycleroute status Trekking-ignore-cr.brf
. All standard Brouter profile list
. My standard Trekking profile with neutral bias Trekking-Dry.brf
MTB Zossebart's profiles on Github normal and hard MTB profile
Special bikes Recumbent bike (German comments) Recumbent
. Velomobile - focused on speed roads (German comments) Velomobil
. Tandem bike - addresses obstacles to be provided

Go to Allpurpose - Activities - Special - Cooked


Purpose Profile Comments
Fast road bike FastBike Standard Brouter profile
Fast trekking/travelling Trekking-Fast
Non biased Trekking Trekking-Dry or Trekking /1 /1 Standard Brouter profile
Trekking with more unpaved roads Trekking-MTB-Medium
Trekking with stronger preference of small paved roads. Trekking-Smallroads
Trekking with lot of unpaved roads/light MTB profile MTB-light
MTB rides My MTB or zossebart's MTB or MTB Hard

Go to Allpurpose - Activities - Special - Cooked


These profiles are usually made on demand of a particular user, but may find wider usage. Some of them may need deeper modifications, so they are not necessirily rebased on later template versions.

Special purpose Profile Comment
Valley mode Trekking-valley Extra preference of flat roads of valleys, even if to be paid by steep valley escapes.
No Flats Trekking-No-Flat Ways that Brouter considers as flat get extra penalty, effectively more preferring up/down ways.
Mainly tracks Trekking-tracks Travel mainly on unpaved tracks, using MTB_factor 1.5, Smallpaved_factor -0.75, ignores bike friendly hints for main roads.
Across the Paths Trekking-hilly-paths For up/down MTB riders, who do not like anything but paths. All the weirdness unleashed, expect crazy profile behaviour in urban areas. Be prepared this profile can be more wild than Zossebart's MTB profiles, even if it was not tuned specifically for MTB usage.

Go to Allpurpose - Activities - Special - Cooked


General instructions Details
Download my Trekking-Poutnik profile template Release version - recommended or Development/Beta version - It may happen you will not find the feature in the release version yet
Open it for editing in plain text editor Like windows/Notepad or Notepad++, Linux/gedit, or Android/editor of your choice.
Perform the described text editing for desired effect below If the action is like "assign hills 2", then
. Find occurence of "assign hills" ( beware of possible variable white spaces ).
. Replace then the value at "assign hills value" with the new value "2"
. Consider it as Do-it-yourself modular set of trick how to make your own special profile for your special needs.
Purpose of the tweak Action to be taken Comments
Wet conditions
At wet conditions, penalize vulnerable surfaces assign iswet 1 No absolute avoidance, just less likely chosen
Prefer more flat routes assign hills 2 Higher slope penalties, low thresholds for slopes. Good for heavy load long distance travelling.
Prefer hill cost policy as Trekking.brf assign hills 2 I.e. stop additional penalizing of uphills >3%
Enjoy flat roads as long as possible assign hills 4 See the Special section - Valley profile
On demand creaty no flats mode, riding the hills assign hills 5 See the Special section - No Flats profile
Not too steep assign hills 6 Tries the tricks using uphillcostfactor - See bicycle profile development templateand Wiki Glossary
Cycleroute_pref This time,prefer the development template version 2.6 (Major rework since release version 2.5.x)
Chart Calculation of costfactor from cycleroute_pref and type of cycle route(lcn,rcn,ncn,icn)
Ignore cycleroute (ICR) assign cycleroute_pref 0.0 Good for evaluation of just physical status of ways., e.g. for regular commuting. Preferring cycleroutes may sacrify physical optimality for route prioritizing.
Follow cycleroutes (FCR) assign cycleroute_pref 0.5 Good for medium length trekking routes 80-300 km. Preference of local/regional cycleroute is near in the middle of for long distance cycleroutes and non-cycleroutes.
Long distance cycleroutes (LCR) assign cycleroute_pref 0.8 Good for long distance trekking routes > 200 km, focusing on international and national cycleroutes. Preference of local/regional cycleroute is close to non cycleroutes.
NEW National cycle networks (NCN) assign cycleroute_pref 1.5 Put very high penalty for other than international/national cycle routes. Good if you want to stic to them for very long distance trips. Use it if following Eurovelo international routes in Poland as some have switched their OSM status from ICR to NCR ( Revenge to EU ? )
NEW International cycle networks (ICN) assign cycleroute_pref 5 Put very high penalty for other than international cycle routes. Good if you want to stic to them for very long distance trips.
Terrain and road choices positive MTB_factor values decrease hill penalty and vice versa
Suppressing mainroads, promoting unpaved ways assign MTB_factor 0.0 - 2.0 zero to very strong effect
Promoting mainroads, suppressing unpaved ways assign MTB_factor 0.0 - -2.0 zero to very strong effect

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