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Contribution Guide

Contribute to this repo and get started with Open Source!

Every meaningful contribution is welcome. You may fix a typo, a broken-link or add content to files, you can add new files to existing folders or even add new folders. You may add a new algorithmic implementation or improver an earlier one, or add a new learning resource, or simply add anything you find worth adding. Also, you may use any programming-language for your code, there are no constraints.

Any useful learning resource which will help others learn about Open Source (or anything else) will be greatly appreciated! Help this repository evolve into a great learning resource and serve its purpose! #10

You can raise an issue, if you need to, or directly submit a PR addressing some issue. This issue is a great first issue to address and get started.

Please describe your PRs otherwise they might not be reviewed. Also, describing your code through comments or adding a for describing your content, should be done as it helps everyone viewing those files.

Please use proper directory structure, that is, place your new files in proper folders (create those folders if they don't exist). It is advised to use lisp-case for naming files.

You will discover simpler ways to contribute if you explore the files and folders in this repository!

Have fun learning!

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