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Messaging engine for the delivery of SMS, Star Menu and chat messages to diverse audiences in emerging markets and beyond.
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benchmarks Add logging resource to benchmark and remove rlimits.
config adding conf files for smpp testing
debian Relax Debian redis-server dependency. We only actually need 2.2, and …
docs Bump version.
etc Fixed depreciated start_worker
logs ensuring correct necessary directories are made for deploying, adding…
puppet Revert "adding repo to sources list for riak"
tmp/pids ensuring correct necessary directories are made for deploying, adding…
twisted/plugins Move ServiceMakers into vumi.servicemaker.
utils Use Riak tarballs from praekelt/riak-for-travis.
vumi Bump version.
.coveragerc code coverage for trial tests
.gitignore We have no .pc dir unless we build the debs in the working dir, which…
.pep8 Some pep8 exclusions.
.travis.yml Install newer pip for cached wheel goodness.
AUTHORS Added Rudi Giesler to AUTHORS (thanks @hodgestar)
CONTRIBUTING.rst better linking of hub
LICENSE renaming files & removing old junk Add AUTHORS to source build manifest (@smn).
README.rst Fix license badge.
Vagrantfile Fix name of vagrant box (it shouldn't have the .box extension). (@codiez Updated package builder. Uses a source tarball and drops some hard deps.
requirements-dev.pip But documentation building requirements into requirements-docs.pip.
requirements-docs.pip But documentation building requirements into requirements-docs.pip.
requirements.pip Move requirements to Bump version.
tox.ini Don't use sitepackages in tox (since it causes important warnings if …



Documentation available online at and in the docs directory of the repository.

Vumi version Vumi Travis CI build status Vumi coverage on Coveralls Python version Vumi documentation Vumi downloads from PyPI Vumi license

To build the docs locally:

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages ve/
$ source ve/bin/activate
(ve)$ pip install Sphinx
(ve)$ cd docs
(ve)$ make html

You'll find the docs in docs/_build/index.html

You can contact the Vumi development team in the following ways:

Issues can be filed in the GitHub issue tracker. Please don't use the issue tracker for general support queries.

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