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Referral app using GraphQL server written in node(express) and REST API server python(flask)
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Referral App

This project is an application with a GraphQL Server(Node/Express) which provides mutation and query functions that calls REST API Server(Python/Flask) which fetches data stored in the Dgraph Graph Database.

GraphQL Server

GraphQL Server is a Node.js application which is mainly consists of express and express-graphql library packages. This server is used for the functions to define mutations and queries. These functions makes use of APIs provided by the REST API server with the function parameters often passed as payload. These functions also takes in a query consisting of various fields which makes it possible for clients to obtain only the request data.


REST API Server is a Flask(Python) application which provides APIs for GraphQL Server. This server uses Dgraph Graph Database for storing data. These APIs performs CRUD Operations with Dgraph and return back data. Using GraphQL alongside with Dgraph makes it a lot easier for everyone, since the Schema remain very identical for GraphQL and Dgraph.

Quick start

There are multiple ways to get this project started. Easiest would be to use Docker Compose. Follow the instructions below:

git clone

cd referral-app

docker-compose up -d

Alternatively, for skipping the image building time, you can use different docker-compose file which pulls in the built images of this project from Docker Hub.

docker-compose -f docker-compose-no-build.yaml up -d

Now, load the schema and sample data into Dgraph using the API end point created for the same.

curl -XGET http://localhost:5000/setup

Go to http://localhost:4000/graphql to access the GraphiQL

open http://localhost:4000/graphql

You can also use Ratel(Dgraph UI for mutation/query/schema alteration) available at http://localhost:8000 to view and modify data/schema in Dgraph.


Query and Result in GraphiQL:

Query and Result in Ratel(Dgraph):

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