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PDE X is the next generation of the Processing Development Environment. It's a contributed mode for Processing. It brings along powerful new features:

  • Intelligent Code Completion
  • Quick Renaming(Refactoring)
  • Quick Navigation
  • Import Suggestions
  • Live Error Checker(XQMode)
  • Integrated Debugger(Debug Mode)

Code Completion

Code Completion

Code Completion list pops up automatically after typing 2 characters. Press Enter to enter the current suggestion, or Esc to close the list. Chained completions like getCar().getID().print() is supported.

Quick Navigation

Sketch Outline

Press Ctrl(Cmd on OS X) + L to bring up the sketch outline view. Just click on a name from the outline or type the name of the element in the search box and hit 'Enter' to scroll quickly to its definiton. You can also press Ctrl(Cmd on OS X) + Left Click on a variable, function or class name in the editor to scroll to its definition.

Quick Renaming(Refactoring)


You can now rename variables, methods or classes by right clicking on the name and select 'Rename'. Also, right click on a variable, method or class name and select 'Show Usage' to see all occurrences in code.

Import Suggestions

When you type the name of a new class and its import statement is missing, PDE X will try to suggest you an import if found.


Click on PDE X menu and select 'Show Debug toolbar'. This activates the Debugging Mode. Detailed instructions on using the Debugger can be found here.

Live Error Checker

As you write your code, errors are underlined on the fly. You can view the full list of errors by clicking on the 'Errors' tab at the bottom of the PDE.


####How to Install

Mode Button

Click on the down arrow besides the mode switch button, and select Add Mode. In the Mode Manager window, select PDE X and click 'Install'. You'll need Processing 2.0.2 or higher.

For installing it manually, download the latest version from here. Extract the zip contents into <your sketchbook folder>/modes folder. Restart Processing.



You can disable certain features(code completion, error checking, warnings, debug messages) from the PDE X menu. Preferences are universal for all Processing windows.

PDE X is currently in beta. It's been tested extensively on Linux with limited testing on Windows and OS X. Here's the list of known issues. If you find any new bugs, please report them in the issues page. Also mention your Processing version and OS.


-- PDE X is supported by Google Summer of Code 2013

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