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Update: This repo is no longer active. PDE X codebase was merged into the main processing repo starting with the 3.0 alpha releases (July 2014), further development continues in the main repo. So please report any issues in the main Processing repo.


PDE X is a Processing Mode that brings powerful new features to the Processing Development Environment:

  • Intelligent Code Completion
  • Quick Renaming(Refactoring)
  • Quick Navigation
  • Import Suggestions
  • Live Error Checker
  • Integrated Debugger

Find out more at Getting Started. Or checkout the FAQ

####How to Install

Mode Button

Click on the down arrow besides the mode switch button, and select Add Mode. In the Mode Manager window, select PDE X and click 'Install'. You'll need Processing 2.0.2 or higher.

For installing it manually, download the latest version from here. Extract the zip contents into <your sketchbook folder>/modes folder. Restart Processing.

Manindra Moharana

21 October 2013

-- PDE X is supported by Google Summer of Code 2013

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